What is the recipe for successful achievement?

What is the recipe for successful achievement? To my mind there are just four essential ingredients: Choose a career you love, give it the best there is in you, seize your opportunities, and be a member of the team. Benjamin Franklin

Everyone’s path to success and achievement is different.  I like this quote as it has some of the essential ingredients for success. I do not purport to have the winning formula, more reflections on taking opportunities, successes and failures for the year that was 2015 for me.

After a difficult year in 2014 (click here for the post). 2015 was a year for me building on some excellent opportunities that I fostered with boundless enthusiasm. Here are my reflections on a good year for me.

I continued my role as Learning Project Officer for the whole year and really enjoyed working with many executive teams from primary and secondary in the Northern Beaches region.
Throughout the year I developed my Curriculum Vitae and applied for five Head Teacher positions. in our education system we use merit selection and this requires you to write in a particular style your experience against specific and general criteria for each job. This is difficult and time consuming and I spent considerable hours bringing my CV to a standard where I would get an interview( this is quite difficult in our system).  I am very happy to report that I was called up for two interviews. My first one was not very good as again there is a very particular way you need to answer the questions from a panel of four. In the future I will blog on what I have Learnt about CV writing.  I was unsuccessful and feel that each  failure is a step towards my success and my unwavering focus and determination that I have something special to give in educational management.

This blog post has taken a long time to finish. It is now half way through 2016 and I have been teaching full time with many new senior subjects,  VET coordination and Year advising and loving it. This year has flown and I have been so busy and really have missed blogging.

Since the initial writing of this post I have applied for two more Head Teacher Teaching and Learning positions and got to interview for both. I feel that I am really close now and hopefully soon I will be able to move up the ladder. Having come from dynamic leadership roles in Hospitality I am so very ready to make a larger impact in education as Head Teacher and above in the not to distant future.
I would love to hear about your stories of the challenges and aspirations to be promoted in your educational system.


3 responses to “What is the recipe for successful achievement?

  1. Agree with Sam, Simon – persistence and commitment are paramount in this industry. If you are able to keep the end goal in mind, and accept that each undertaking is a small step towards that goal, you’ll get there. Keep us posted!


    • Thanks Sally Ann and Sam
      yes you are right education is very different from Hospitality for promotional positions. I am fully focused learning from each experience and slowly getting better. It is a matter of my stars aligning with the best school for me. I will keep you posted.


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