About Me

I have always been a passionate foodie and have travelled extensively around the world to sample different cuisines.  My love of food translated into my first career as a qualified chef.  I have worked in all facets of the  Hospitality industry for 20 years.  In that time I have run a range of establishments  from 5 star signature  restaurants, cafe’s, large and small catering companies, clubs  and large ala-carte restaurants.

Very early on during my apprenticeship I realised that I enjoyed training and sharing my knowledge.  In the early 2000’s I started to look at different training options within Hospitality.  I worked for Cheeky Food group and Victors Food for a couple of years flying around Australia doing cooking classes for corporate companies. During this time I presented food presentations on stage  for shows like the Royal Easter Show.

In 2006 I completed  my Certificate 4 in training and Assessment and worked at TAFE teaching Hospitality.  In 2007 I started a sponsored accelerated education degree  through the NSW Department of Education.  I completed the degree  in 2009 and was appointed to a permanent TAS position at Northern Beaches Secondary College for six years with a secondment of a year and a half to run major projects across the Northern Beaches Learning Alliance (primary and secondary).  In 2017 I have been appointed to Killara High School as Head Teacher Secondary Studies driving technology Professional development and the BYOD policy.

I remember my most powerful memories of  learning when I was in school were the ones where it was fun, relevant and challenging.  I strive to create programs for my students that are relevant, fun and student centred

Teaching is a lifestyle as you never really get away thinking about how to improve teaching and learning.  I am not afraid to try new technologies in my classroom and tend to “jump off the cliff” on a regular basis. I have had some huge successes and spectacular flops. By making mistakes and listening to student feedback I believe you become a better teacher.

Coming into teaching at this time is very exciting as there is a convergence of powerful technologies which are easy to use and  allow a  richness to the learning experience that was not possible before.   I  love that every day is different and enjoy the constant challenge that working as an educator provides.


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