I first heard about Edmodo at a principals conference I presented at in mid 2010. The teacher that presented about Edmodo was very enthusiastic and recommended it to every teacher.

Check this video out to see what all the fuss is about

It was not until the christmas holidays of 2010 that I needed to find an electronic way of communicating and placing class videos, articles and assignments online for my senior Hospitalty class.  I played with our Sharepoint and One Note for the first couple of weeks in Term 1 and this proved unreliable, the students were becoming frustrated and I was losing valuable teaching time.

I loggged in to edmodo taught myself how to use it and introduced this to my year 11 class.

Since then i have not looked back and it has transformed and is continuing to transform my practice.  Edmodo is the most flexible, user friendly platform for communicating with students, facilitating group work, posting work and instant feedback.  In my four years of teaching I have never come across a more user friendly web program which is so flexible will work for any faculty.  The  Edmodo really listen and respond proactively to teacher feedback and as a result it continues to improve rapidly.

Something very unexpected was the amazing Edmodo teacher groups which allow teacher collaboration to a global level quite literally.  I have loved reading teacher blogs and posts about a broad range of subjects related to technology integration in the classroom.  I have been exposed to ideas, technologies and different pedagogies that I would not have seen within my own area without the great ideas and sharing happening in Edmodo. Some of my favourite groups are Oz edmodo, Education Gamification and Flip share. Here is a list of cool Edmodo groups you need to look at from Bianca Hewe”s blog Underground edmodo groups seeking out the cool stuff.

All my classes are on edmodo and love the new freedom it affords me and my students to collaborate in the virtual world. My school have claimed our unique edmodo sub domain and I am leading the charge to roll it out across the school for teachers, students and parents.

I love Edmodo.  If you have not logged in to edmodo yet you need to now.


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