My Presentations

A big part of starting this blog was to share my experiences with the world. From time to time I have  presented different topics to conferences. Below is a list of  broken into years of the different topics and conferences that I have presented at. Click the link for the full post for each event. Enjoy.






  • Teachmeet PJ Gallaghers 26th February 2013
  • Teachmeet Seachange, NBSC Freshwater campus 25th June 2013, Click here for post.
  • Teachmeet AC English, SydneyTheatre Company Walsh bay 1st November 2013 Click here for post.
  • Staff camp, Forster, 7th December 2013, PBL the power of projects
  • PLSM celebration of learning, NBSC Freshwater Campus, 12th December 2013, Food Miles Project


  • New South wales principals conference 2012, Manly Pacific Hotel, Manly June 14th 2012,
    World food quest 2022 gamification of food technology. click here for post.
  •  Teachmeet Bradfield College North Sydney June 15th 2012, World food quest layering technology. Click here for post.
  • Teachmeet Greater Nothern hotel Chatswood July 25th 2012, The power of peer coaching.
  • Teachmeet Gilroy catholic college Tuesday August 12th 2012  Taking Screen casting to the next level. click here for post.
  • Teachmeet Mater Maria, Warriewood September  5th 2012.

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