Teachmeet 5 Squared “the full feature”

On June the 20th this year we had our second Teachmeet. We had excellent presenters, great conversations, networking opportunities and generally had a great time. After our last Teachmeet we looked at what went well and needed to be improved. If you want to read my previous post click here.

This post is a celebration of the great evening and contains the complete fully edited recording  that all participants had at Teachmeet 5 Squared. A big thank you goes out to Tye Bate one of my very talented ex students who has inserted the Twitter feed into the recording. Click here to check out Tye’s You tube channel

This Teachmeet was quite different from most Teachmeets because of the following:

The 5 Squared concept works differently. Watch the following video to find out why.

Here is the program for the event.

Click here for the folder with all of the presentations

Here is a picture gallery from the event

We ran a live feed for the Teachmeet and I have edited the raw video and I am very excited to  present to you the full Teachmeet in all its glory.

I would love to hear what you love most about Teachmeet and please enjoy  the “full feature” video of all the excellent Professional Development.


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